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Mark Nastasi, EVP
Educational institutions manage a vast number of contracts, vendors, and suppliers, making it imperative to have a resilient contract management solution. However, most conventional education contract management systems lack competent financial/vendor/contract lifecycle management capabilities and experience several procurement bottlenecks. Needless to say, dependence on such systems can fumble opportunities during contract negotiations, effectuate poor contract compliance, and complicate otherwise simple processes. This is precisely where CobbleStone Software can help.

Founded in 1995, CobbleStone Software is a global leader in best-of-breed enterprise contract lifecycle management (CLM) and eProcurement software. From kinder garden to post-secondary education, educational systems can enhance their contract management processes with CobbleStone Software's CLM solution. “CobbleStone Contract Insight, our novel AI-enabled contract management software, provides all leading CLM software functionalities that educational institutions and systems need,” says Mark Nastasi, the EVP of CobbleStone Software.

Built on the foundation of contract intelligence with machine learning, Contract Insight helps schools streamline their contract management processes with secure and feature-rich contract repositories, maximized financials and budget oversight capabilities, comprehensive contract lifecycle management, and intelligent workflow automation. By leveraging Contract Insight, institutions can maintain operational visibility across departments, centralize contract and document storage, and implement security measures to uphold compliance and data security. The platform helps them proactively oversee contract financials, budgets, and analytics while optimizing and streamlining the contract lifecycle from requests to renewals. More importantly, CobbleStone Contract Insight goes beyond just a simple contract management solution. It seamlessly integrates education contract management with other crucial processes, including vendor management and procurement management. An excellent example is the solution's ability to integrate contract management with better bid tender eSourcing. Here, source-to-contract management may be streamlined, as clients can now easily approve and advertise bids, leverage line item bids with online comparisons, oversee their vendor bid responses online, simplify online bid rating & scoring and convert solicitations to contracts on a centralized platform.

CobbleStone also offers integrated contract and vendor management, helping institutions with online vendor collaboration gateways for registrations, unified vendor contracts and agreements, online supplier reporting, and seamless bid advertisements. Furthermore, by integrating contract management with purchase order management, Contract Insight delivers the perfect tools for unified tracking of spend, purchase orders, and inventory. CobbleStone provides highly configurable templates with line item details and automated workflow with purchase approvals and supplier catalogue item management.
Such a robust solution has helped CobbleStone glean a legion of clients over the years. The company worked in liaison with SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. Affiliated with the State University of New York, their mission is to improve community health and wellness through education, biomedical research, and healthcare. SUNY's mission was, however, hindered by their tedious contract and vendor management processes, which struggled with the tracking processes, storage and sharing of contracts, and communication of up-to-date request status. It often took upwards of three calls for employees to even determine the identity of the contacts and requestors, the progress of the contract process, and the time to completion. To help them, CobbleStone deployed its Contract Insight Enterprise platform at their facility, creating significant improvements in their operations. Needless to say, SUNY has remained a satisfied client for over six years, right from the initial implementation success to the ongoing EdTech CLM support.

In addition to such success stories, there’re several reasons that CobbleStone Software has garnered nearuniversal acclaim from thirdparty analysts and clients as a leader in contract lifecycle management software. Having a configuration-first approach enables it to build contract lifecycle management systems according to clients’ unique needs with low friction and high ROI. It is no surprise then that CobbleStone Software is a byname for its customer service, attentiveness during implementation, training, and customer support—all of which is made possible by its readily-available support resources, process centralization, dedicated teams, and easy to access guides, videos, and Wiki. The company integrates with mission-critical, external applications to unify CLM processes with many others so that clients can enjoy an all-in-one platform for various business processes at colleges, universities, school systems, and other government, healthcare, and legal firms/ organizations.

CobbleStone Contract Insight, our novel AI-enabled contract management software, provides all leading CLM software functionalities that educational institutions and systems need

CobbleStone Software is embracing the new age of legal operations digital transformation by expanding its tools for automating and streamlining contract redlining. The company continues to build upon the success of its robust, AI-based contract management platform to further automate contract redlining and other contract lifecycle management stages for maximum ease of use and efficiency within the contract lifecycle. “We’re hosting a virtual, complimentary educational contract management master class for legal, contract, and procurement professionals to help launch into the future of contract lifecycle management success – secure your spot Mark Nastasi today,” concludes Nastasi.

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Mark Nastasi, EVP

A global leader in providing best-of-breed enterprise contract lifecycle management (CLM) and eProcurement software.

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