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Mark Nastasi, President and Founder, CobbleStone Software
Mark Nastasi, President and Founder, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>CobbleStone Software</a>

Mark Nastasi, President and Founder, CobbleStone Software

CobbleStone Software is a visionary leader in enterprise contract lifecycle management, eProcurement, vendor management, and eSourcing software solutions that have been trusted by users around the globe for over twenty years. CobbleStone Contract Insight®, CobbleStone’s leading-edge contract lifecycle management software - empowers contract managers and procurement professionals by streamlining contract lifecycle management processes with industry-leading tools - such as artificial intelligence with machine learning - within a user-friendly system. CobbleStone Contract Insight is offered as a deployed or cloud-based configuration, based on an organization’s needs. Contract management, risk, sales, and procurement professionals can leverage CobbleStone Contract Insight to drive contract value, reduce risk, and streamline processes. VISDOM®, CobbleStone’s proprietary artificial intelligence with machine learning, analyzes contracts for thorough contract oversight, risk mitigation, and proactive opportunity realization. VISDOM AI automates data review, assesses risk, offers recommendations based on virtually real-time data, extracts clauses to save time in creating future contracts, and more. Recently, CobbleStone Software has pioneered a million-clause initiative to create a smarter contract AI engine and enhance our software user experience. We aim to enter a staggering 1,000,000 clauses into VISDOM AI for an incredibly powerful repository of real-life clauses for machine learning. We have already fed VISDOM hundreds of thousands of contract clauses.  Natural language processes (NLP) and named-entity recognition are the foundations of this momentous and bold initiative.

CobbleStone Contract Insight centralizes and automates contracts with organized contract records that support ancillary file attachments. System users can manage, create, and track documents virtually anytime and anywhere from most devices with an internet connection. Contract managers can utilize the system’s contract request engine to submit contract requests, collect and implement data fields, attach necessary documents, navigate approvals with automated workflows, track contract approvals, send and receive email reminders, approve contract requests, and form a clear contract record. CobbleStone Contract Insight offers detailed contract reporting and analytics. Users can create reports based on data fields, financials, and key contract dates. Automated alerts can notify contract managers and their teams of upcoming contract renewals, risk factors, compliance issues, and more to increase opportunity realization and risk management. Contract managers can seamlessly collaborate with business partners, clients, and vendors with native system features, such as a vendor collaboration gateway, and third-party connectors – such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Workspace. Our clients can securely and seamlessly share documents, negotiate, retrieve electronic signatures, and send mass signature requests – especially with the help of IntelliSign®, CobbleStone’s proprietary eSignature tool.

 CobbleStone Software is a visionary leader in enterprise contract lifecycle management, eProcurement, vendor management, and eSourcing software solutions that have been trusted by users around the globe for over twenty years 

CobbleStone Contract Insight users can leverage a user-friendly contract management report designer tool to create visually-engaging reports and view at-a-glance contract lifecycle management key performance indicators within dynamic graphical dashboards. CobbleStone Contract Insight’s latest 17.11.0 update offers new features and enhancements to further contract lifecycle management success – such as multiple document processing from a drag and drop queue with VISDOM AI, native online document editing with optimized security and collaboration, a signNow eSign connector for streamlined electronic signatures, optimized contract management software user permissions and security, seamless request creation from existing purchase orders, and enhanced vendor surveys with Q&As for optimal vendor oversight.

CobbleStone's contract management solutions provide contract and vendor tracking, calendar notifications, robust security options with defined user permissions, contract spend compared to contract budget reporting, robust text indexing and searching, vendor/client ratings, and document version control. Moreover, CobbleStone® as a CLM software provider is SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant for optimized security. CobbleStone is conveniently located on the GSA Schedule 70 and we continue to add new organizations to our robust partner network. Overall, CobbleStone Contract Insight continues to provide future-minded contract management and procurement solutions that will empower our clients to manage their contracts, purchases, and vendors efficiently and effectively.