Top 20 Education Technology Companies - 2019

Today, educators and academic institutions are focused on deploying technology-based learning platforms in order to create an interactive and collaborative learning experience. With technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), cloud computing, and augmented reality (AR) powering education technology (EdTech), the education sector is moving away from traditional avenues of learning.

Owing to the revolutionary EdTech solutions, the education industry is evolving on par with the other industries. Smart classrooms and cloud-powered learning tools are spearheading the ongoing transformation by enabling students gain access to customized learning programs on mobile devices, renovating learning into a fun and seamless exercise.

Even in business environments, the development of comprehensive training modules, interactive video lessons, and virtual laboratories are empowering employees by helping them gain a better understanding of their tasks and responsibilities. Additionally, EdTech is making it possible to address the various challenges in the education sector such as the provision of education to the differently abled students and professionals. With EdTech tools, organizations and schools alike are succeeding in building an inclusive environment where everyone is given the opportunity to think, learn, apply, and grow.

This edition of CIOReview presents to you, 20 Most Promising Education Technology Providers 2019, featuring solution providers who are radically transforming the field of education. Over the past few months, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and the editorial team of CIOReview have reviewed companies in the Education Technology sector and have shortlisted the forerunners who are meeting the challenges of the industry head-on.

We present to you, “20 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Education Technology Solution Companies

  • 1

    Offers a comprehensive customizable solution for chronic absenteeism intervention management

  • 2

    Integrates purposeful data across ed tech systems, analyzes results against research-based frameworks, and delivers actionable information that drives learning

  • 3

    Campus Labs empowers institutions to make valuable connections with their data and derive meaningful insights from them

  • 4

    Provides interactive, gamified courses that teach computer coding, digital literacy, and design, through a learn-by-doing approach that aims to be as fun and addictive as computer games

  • 5

    Designed for STEM courses, this online education solution empowers educators to enhance the learning experience

  • 6

    Provides an efficient student information system that allows teachers and administrators to track not only student attendance and grades but also all the forms and reports required to run a compliant independent study program

  • 7

    Provides a platform that offers function-specific courses, continuing education credit and firm/company controls and reporting for audit, accounting and corporate finance professionals

  • 8

    A leading edge, multi-dimensional, virtual personalized learning platform, featuring interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, session or class

  • 9

    Provides AI-powered learning solutions that are purpose-built for students with learning difficulties

  • 10

    Provides software to improve engagement, knowledge retention, and empowers higher education decision makers

  • 11

    Provide lifecycle solutions from consulting, implementation, procurement, and managed services for advancing education for Generation Z

  • 12

    Pro-Tec Design is a security technology leader maintaining the highest degree in industry-specific certifications, and is committed to ensure complete protection of assets, data, and people

  • 13

    Area9 Lyceum

    Area9 Lyceum

    Deliver world-class educational and training outcomes validated by a long-term scientific approach and adaptive analytics

  • 14

    Astria Learning

    Astria Learning

    Offer tailor-made IT solutions for academic and educational institutions from all over the world to meet the needs of students, faculty, and institutions

  • 15

    Cambium Learning Group [NASDAQ:ABCD]

    Cambium Learning Group [NASDAQ:ABCD]

    Delivers evidence-based solutions and expert professional services to empower educators and raise the achievement levels of all students ranging from pre-kindergarten to adult

  • 16



    A classroom communication app used to share reports between parents and teachers, which utilizes a gamification style system to leverage developmental skills through real-time feedback

  • 17

    Community Brands

    Community Brands

    A leading provider of cloud-based software to associations, nonprofits, K-12 schools and faith-based groups, empowering them to succeed faster, grow stronger and achieve social good

  • 18

    Edgenuity Inc

    Edgenuity Inc

    Partners with schools and districts to bring a world-class learning experience to classrooms of any size and shape using cutting-edge digital tools and research-backed instructional strategies

  • 19



    Leverages scalable technology to build innovative, impactful education networks that empower people and transform communities

  • 20

    Kuali, Inc

    Kuali, Inc

    Delivers open, modular, easy, and fun to use cloud-based open source software software to simplify higher education processes