50 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers - 2016

he digital revolution has been the reason for the transformation of many domains. The education space is no different. Learning has found a new meaning with the infiltration of modern technology. Educational institutions and universities are leveraging latest technologies and trends–including cloud, mobility, IoT, and virtual reality among others to enhance quality education for students.

Virtual reality that enables the students to learn in a three-dimensional environment is slowly growing in prominence and methods such as video-based learning are slowly moving out of the limelight. Cloud-based classrooms and unified communication technologies are also among the new trends helping faculties and students. With the introduction of artificial intelligence in applications, educational institutes have addressed several challenges of learning, including language processing, reasoning, planning, and cognitive modeling by organizing and synthesizing content to support its delivery in time. In a broader aspect, BYOD is helping institutions and universities with its capability to enable the students to access information from any device and at the same time, reduce expense of educational organizations on purchase of devices.

In the last few months, we have analyzed scores of education technology solution providers and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the education space. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, and analysts including CIOReview’s editorial board has selected the list of 50 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers 2016.

The list provides a look into how education technology can be leveraged, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding on how to incorporate them into the systems for optimizing the learning processes.

We present to you 50 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers 2016.

Top Education Companies

Provider of integrated software and cloud-based assessment tools for higher education

Offers education technology, high-level consulting, software and e-content development services for e-Learning market

Provider of software solutions and engaging tools to connect the teaching and learning processes

Provider of software and services that higher education institutions need to help students succeed

Creates tools for educators to promote student success

Provider of cloud-based learning management system for better employee engagement and corporate training

Offers multi-dimensional, virtual and personalized learning environment for the next era in training and education

LearningMate offers innovative, efficient and customized solutions for digital curriculum and media development, assessment, engineering and big data

Offering a combination of world-class content and evolving technology to ignite curiosity in the knowledge-sharing experience and improve lives through learning

Provides enterprise-wide dashboards into virtually all IT components, robust incident-management, and long-term automated reporting

Provides solutions for the K-12 and higher education market to streamline and simplify talent management process

Nationally recognized, SI&A is a California-based development company which has provided innovative, award-winning software and service solutions for some of the toughest issues in K-12 education, for more than a decade

Offers web-native operations management solutions specifically for the unique needs of educational institutions

Develops unique LMS by aligning with the needs and learning styles of education in the real world

Partnering with the K12 education community to improve student achievement by providing solutions that make education more effective


TargetX provides a campuswide solution to help colleges build relationships and forge life-long communications with their most important constituencies

Teachers Media International

Teachers Media improves professional skills and support for student learning by showcasing best practice from classrooms across the world


Creates smart, easy to use support technologies that enable students to read and write with confidence and independence

The Chariot Group

Provider of audiovisual technologies bringing about ease of communication in commercial, educational, and governmental markets

TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus designs and develops high-quality time and attendance solutions


Offers a combination of robust software and consulting services for Identity and Access Management along with other specialized solutions for the education market


Delivers scholarship management solutions to improve compliance, utilization, and stewardship of scholarships funds while improving the experience for students and the community

Aegis Identity Software

Provider of education-focused Identity and Access Management solutions


Transformational business and technology solutions and services to address today's complex public sector challenges


Cloud-based enrollment management systems designed for continuing education programs

Boundless Learning

Boundless is a platform of educational resources powered by cloud technology


A student engagement platform that enables colleges and universities to provide easy, mobile, personalized financial aid services

Course Hero

Provider of online library of course-specific learning resources

Curriculum Technology

A full service academic resource for education and training, offering end-to-end development and consulting services


Innovative learning and communication applications for K-12 schools

Education Metrics

Offers software solutions and services for program prioritization process


Edusight school districts to analyze real-time data from classrooms alongside providing tailored recommendations to address key challenges


Specializes in connectivity and communication infrastructure-as-aservice for K-12 education agencies and libraries to enable them to connect and deploy best technologies


Responsive content management with integrated classroom tools

Ex Libris

Library automation solutions offering comprehensive product suite for print, electronic, and digital study materials


A platform for distributing content, assessing students and coordinating activities remotely

Fidelis Education

Offers learning relationship management, a new category of product that helps organizations to organize complex learning relationships and ensure that all learners benefit from them


Enterprise SaaS solutions that facilitate academic decision support and an engine for intelligent decision making in higher education

Intrepid Learning

Offers learning experience platforms for delivering integrated, streamlined, and impactful learning experiences

ITG America

Helps educational institutions to combine their complex needs into a fully-integrated e-learning solution


Provider of Learning Management System, Learning Content Management System and Student Information System connecting teachers, students and parents


Offers 24/7 device dispensing kiosks for universities, libraries, hospitals and corporate locations worldwide

Learning House

The firm's online education solutions helps colleges and universities develop and grow high-quality online degree programs and courses

Liaison International

Liason's admissions management and enrollment marketing solutions help higher education institutions identify, recruit and enroll best fit students

NEC Corporation

Provider of voice and data communications, networks and data storage solutions for enhanced communication and security


Solution for educational facilites for appropriate, responsible, and compliant Internet access

Oncourse Systems

Delivers intuitive cloud-based systems that inform, inspire, and connect educational institutions


Enables organizations in education and government sectors, as well as corporations to deploy analytics and data warehouses that meet their specific needs


Prysm solutions unify content and applications into cloud-based workspaces that help global teams collaborate on any screen from anywhere

Scenario Learning

Offers web-based programs for staff and student training, bullying/ incident reporting, and special education professional development