Top 20 Education Tech Consulting/Services Companies - 2013

Have we arrived into the 21st century? Are present day children really equipped for this paradigm shift in education to be lifelong learners? From ikids to higher education, it is a transition in educating the digital generation of learners. It is an amalgamated effort from visionaries, education experts, policy makers and the teaching fraternity to drive in the vision and infuse necessary skills to reach out to every child.

Teacher training programs that facilitate deeper problem-based learning helps students attain higher levels of achievement. The clear edge is about staying current and continuing to absorb experiences and knowledge. The future crafting should be towards advancing the readiness of students for college, career, and global citizenship.

Every aspect of the education system right from preK-12 to post secondary and the adult learning spectrum must respond to the special skill sets required for advanced economies spear heading the global knowledge base. Be it cognitive skills, computational fluency, language skills for global connectivity or computer coding it is the competitive edge that is reinforcing the 21 century preparedness. Collaborative learning with effective use of technology helps upgrade essential skills for a knowledge based economy.

From re designed classrooms, introduction of Web2.0 tools, gaming, MOOC's, tablets, mobile devices, laptops, simulations etc the patterns of innovation are being constantly remodeled to reach and evolve a globally competitive workforce. It is helping school systems around the world meet the demands of 21century learners and employers. Technology should be seamless and easy to use, as easy as picking up the chalk, for blended learning.

As a prelude to the final CIOReview's Education Solution and Consulting Providers 2013, our selection panel evaluated the capabilities of dozens of promising vendors which was deemed necessary in mitigating the skill gap to power the change towards digital citizenship.

We present to you CIOReview's 20 Most Promising Education Solution and Consulting Providers 2013.

Top Education Tech Consulting/Services Companies

Acrobatiq partners with faculty and academic leaders to measureably improve learning outcomes

Provider of Integrated Communication Systems that increase access to quality education

Atrion is an IT Services Provider that designs, deploys and manages business-driven information technology solutions

BEYOND Technology Education provides successful technology integration plans for K-12 education

Provides an unique suite of analytical analysis tools and methodologies maximising ROI

Collaborative Solutions helps design, develop and deploy your Workday deployment

Helping educational institutions improve enrollment growth through integrated technology and responsive analytics

Helping clients plan, grow and evaluate businesses in the education market

An end-to-end, education-focused, technology-enabled solutions provider

Custom Computer Specialists help realize better overall return from IT investments

Cyanna delivers business consulting and commercial grade software solutions focused on the total student life-cycle

DesTech provides technology training across disciplines and vendors

The key intricacy faced by educational institutions today is the scantiness of highquality teachers to promote brilliance in education. Financial Aid Management for Education, Inc. (FAME), founded in 1978 and headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, focuses on serving the unique needs of career colleges, vocational – technical, religiously affiliated schools, community colleges, and universities.

Solution provider to society's most challenging management,technology and policy issues

Provides educational consultancy in designing and implementing instructional and rganizational models empowering all learners

A management consulting firm serving public sector education agencies prepare students for 21st century citizenship

Helping partners construct sustainable and reputable adult learning environments

TeacherMatch provides predictive analytics to hire quality teachers

Provider of Business Intelligence products and consulting services for higher education, commercial and government clients