Edmentum: Blended Learning for Interactive Classrooms

Rob Rueckl, President & CEO
Education landscape today, requires technology as well as traditional methods of teaching to go hand-in-hand to make learning process more interesting. Deploying effective online learning processes with more interactive sessions and rich media content support can transform learning in a much better way. Founded back in 1960 as an online education provider, the Bloomington, MN based Edmentum offers blended learning, mixing traditional instructions with technology to enhance combined study methods by participating faculty and institutions. The firm’s solutions are designed around student’s individual needs and learning styles. “We are proud of our long history of serving K–12 and post-secondary schools by providing the technology solutions they need to create a 21st century learning experience for their students,” says Rob Rueckl, President and CEO, Edmentum.

With an array of solutions and engaging tools to connect teaching and learning processes, the firm is committed to provide simple technology, high-quality content, and actionable data to optimize individualized learning and create successful student outcomes. Study Island, a formative assessment solution ideal for self-paced, individualized learning or teacher-led, whole-class instruction, provides quality academic support, practice, and real-time assessment data. The solution employs immediate feedback and built-in remediation features which enable educators to easily monitor student progress enabling them to provide suggestions and instructions immediately. This helps in guiding effective formative assessment practices in the classroom along with creating meaningful interactions with the students.

Edmentum’s comprehensive and engaging online courseware addresses a multitude of educational needs providing rich content, interactive activities, and flexible implementations for students and educators. Educational institutions can engage Plato Courseware—a standards-based online learning program developed in a tradition of solid research, sound pedagogy, and applied innovation. It can be used for lab setting to employ a blended model in which online courses supplement the traditional classroom, or through a completely virtual experience. The program provides courses in a wide range of core subjects, electives, and world languages.

Edmentum is committed to providing simple technology, high-quality content, and actionable data to optimize individualized learning and creating successful student outcomes

To transform learning into relatable stories with rich animation that engages students, EducationCity, another key solution, incorporates rigorous instruction and practice activities to connect teaching and learning by pairing time-saving teacher tools with standards-aligned student activities, vivid animation and dynamic online interfaces.

The firm has helped many institutions like the Tatum Elementary School, Wilson Elementary School and many others to overcome challenging issues in bridging background knowledge gaps, lack of supplemental educational programs and lower literacy skills. At an instance, Taylor School District, a suburban community southwest of Detroit, MI, had multiple issues including too many students failing to graduate, losing students to virtual schools that offered online classes from home and not meeting the state’s average pass percentage. Partnering with Edmentum, the students had access to Plato Courseware’s online instruction through the district’s credit recovery program in the classroom. This enabled the district to help graduate students who were on the verge of dropping out. In a year’s time the district has increased its graduation rate by nearly 8 percent, bringing it in line with the state average.

The firm also invests in research and third-party studies to ensure effectiveness and improve programs to better serve the educational institutions. Edmentum, over the past years has been efficiently serving the education landscape and has evolved its solution set and vision to include a much wider array of technology and software solutions to support innovative strategies of forward-thinking institutions.


Bloomington, MN

Rob Rueckl, President & CEO

Provider of software solutions and engaging tools to connect the teaching and learning processes