Campus Labs: Integrated Assessment Tools for Better Outcomes

Eric Reich, Co-founder & President
Since its founding in Buffalo, NY, in 2001, Campus Labs has expanded across the U.S. with a phenomenal growth earning reputation as one of Western New York’s most successful startups to provide education technology. Founded on a novel idea by the classmate duo, Eric Reich and Michael Weisman, the technology startup which they aptly named StudentVoice, developed into a business focused on collecting student feedback to improve campus services and to bring out the best skills in them. Inspired with years of careful homework–visiting campuses and listening to administrators discuss their institutional challenges, the entrepreneurs maintained a steady graph innovating and expanding their services to offer integrated software and cloud-based assessment tools for higher education under a new brand name—Campus Labs.

To achieve greater ability in supporting learners, Campus Labs’ software platform offers an array of solutions providing insights about student’s performances in a specific class, across departments, and divisions enabling deeper student understandings. It also tracks departmental progress and lets the faculty to understand outcomes and trends across departments, divisions, and the entire campus. The company’s predictive analytics toolset enables making valuable predictions and better decisions through monitoring impact of campus-wide patterns related to specific goals and outcomes also facilitating self assessment features. “We offer self-assessment guides through our program review tools to help campus administrators build quality programs that support student learning and success,” says Eric Reich, Co-founder and President, Campus Labs.

The company’s platform allows institutions to meaningfully evaluate campus outcomes at every level through Outcomes solution. It delivers a clearer picture of assessment processes leading to improved quality meanwhile tracking the methods, delivery, and results of those assessments used in the institution. Outcome’s visual comparative reporting offers real-time student outcome data and compare scales of achievement over time to gain in depth insight into outcomes progression meanwhile allowing gleaning into valuable information from assessment process.

Outcome’s visual comparative reporting offers real-time student outcome data and allows gleaning valuable information from assessment process

Further, to identify at-risk learners early and match everyone with the right resources, and to gain a deeper understanding of student success at every level, the Campus Labs platform assess the impact of campus programs and departmental functioning to customize strategies for individual students.

For more than fifteen years Campus Labs has served the education landscape resolving multitude of educational institution’s challenging issues. At an instance, Lesley University had limited resources available for assessment activities, both in terms of budget and personnel. Previously, the university used paper methods to manually collected data on students’ internship experiences and to do assessment as part of their educational schedules. The system was less efficient with limited data. Partnering with Campus Labs, the administrators could replace these assessment practices with centralized online solution using the Campus Labs assessment tool and has seen a significant improvement in its data analysis capabilities. “The Campus Labs tool has helped us track how we’re providing students with opportunities to achieve. Now we have more concrete evidence,” says Linda Pursley, Director of Assessment and Institutional Research, Lesley University.

Going forth, the corporate mission is more focused than ever on empowering and transforming colleges and universities through strategic data insights with the kind of creative energy that fueled the company’s initial success—still felt and maintained. Campus Labs is combining expertise by partnering with proven solution providers to deliver solutions that can help shape the course of higher education today and into the future.

Campus Labs

Buffalo, NY

Eric Reich, Co-founder & President

Provider of integrated software and cloud-based assessment tools for higher education