PeopleAdmin: Delivering Talent Management Solutions for Educational Institutions

Kermit S. Randa, CEO
According to Kermit S.Randa, CEO of PeopleAdmin, talent is now highly portable, which makes it even more important to find the right candidate. “The real challenge for organizations is integrating today’s talent management technology with a focus on business outcomes—introducing new, data-driven processes to hire, manage, engage, and truly support people,” he adds. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, with campuses in Kansas City and Indianapolis, PeopleAdmin provides proven software and services to help school districts, government agencies, colleges, and universities in hiring and retaining top talented candidates. The firm uses the most efficient ways to develop, manage, and recruit talent based on years of its accumulated data.

By offering a cloud-based delivery model with portal access to world-class support, PeopleAdmin effortlessly executes the hiring operation. “Our solutions reduce time in creating, posting and approving job postings by 80 percent, screening and approving applicants by as much as 100 percent, in some cases, and tracking and managing the onboarding and evaluation process by 75 percent.” Moreover, the firm’s K-12 solution, titled SchoolSpring, shows visibility on open positions across school districts, helping them to find a talent fit faster, saving them time and money.

We are serving more than 4 million educators and administrators acrossthe complete education spectrum; they in turn serve 30 percent of the nation’s students

Furthermore, PeopleAdmin offers packages for customers to earn ROI more quickly. All its implementations are based on years of data and the experiences gathered from hundreds of customers. “In the higher education arena, we’ve helped customers hire more than 400,000 applicants, and over 50 million people visited our customers’ sites over the last year looking for a job,” Randa says.

With their immense knowledge and experience in the talent management domain, the firm has gained a vast number of clients, including the University of Arizona, the University of Pittsburg, and Gonzaga University. PeopleAdmin has enabled clients to dramatically streamline the staffing process of employees and manager staff through its solutions. “We’ve been a part of the success strategy for several colleges for more than a decade, offering strategies for planning sustainable growth, improving operational excellence, and managing costs as well,” Randa notes.

With the acquisition of Netchemia, the provider of talent management solutions for the K-12 education marketplace, PeopleAdmin has added 2,200 customers, deepening its focus into education. Recently, it acquired another K-12 leader, SearchSoft “We are serving more than 4 million educators and administrators across the complete education spectrum; they in turn serve 30 percent of the nation’s students,” Randa says. “We continue to emphasize customer collaboration and invest a lot of time and effort in our community portal so that we stay in line with clients’ needs and business goals.”

PeopleAdmin has shown great tenacity in its performance by staying at the epicenter of huge market forces undergoing massive changes in education, the economy and technology. On the innovation front, PeopleAdmin owns a major place in empowering technology— its virtual training lab program, for example, showcases its solutions and helps customers get the most from them.

Going forward, PeopleAdmin intends to show more profound interest in R&D, for stronger integration with different frameworks, easier upgrades, improved product quality, and productive procedures.“We’ll continue our focus in three areas— people, efficiency, and data. Our business model drives progress, so we expect to continue growing— organically and possibly through acquisition—to better take care of our customers and lead the industry in innovative ways,” Randa concludes.


Austin, TX

Kermit S. Randa, CEO

Enabling K-20 and government institutions with data-driven processes to better hire, manage, engage and support their people and organize the entire talent management lifecycle.