Netreo: Enhancing Collaborative Learning Experience

Kevin Kinsey, CEO
“Value” in education is measured by student outcomes, teacher outcomes, and the ability to adapt to new educational tools and technologies. The ultimate goal is to set students up for success. The proliferation of information technology in the education sector has transformed the learning environment in classrooms in just the last few years. This transformation comes with many challenges, including the need to track bandwidth and utilization levels across individual districts and/or schools—to name a few. Bandwidth and network issues can adversely affect the implementation of Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and Common Core compliance tests, and readiness of learning and collaboration sites such as Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Yet constant struggles with budgets mean that just throwing bandwidth at the problem doesn’t work either. Helping to address these challenges is Netreo, a premium provider of IT management solutions for educational institutions, with their OmniCenter product. “A single-pane-of-glass dashboard, OmniCenter is a well packaged, costeffective, and easy-to-deploy monitoring solution for the education space,” says Kevin Kinsey, CEO at Netreo.

Incorporating multiple functions into a single appliance, including monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities, OmniCenter provides a single view into all IT components, from end-user application experience to enterprise-wide fault tolerance and utilization. The product’s simple to use interface allows advanced incident management elements such as root cause analysis, event correlation, and anomaly detection to be configured and deployed very quickly. “In almost no time, a customer can ‘spin-up’ an OmniCenter instance and make their job easier. That comes in the form of better decision support, capacity planning, and improved service levels,” notes Kinsey.

The company’s flagship product, OmniCenter, includes the full suite of Netreo monitoring technologies, including web application response time monitoring, traffic analysis, Microsoft Exchange monitoring, hosted email monitoring, and virtualization management at one low price per monitored device. OmniCenter’s web-based user interface works from anywhere, on any platform or mobile device. Multiple users and administrators can all be working in the application seamlessly and simultaneously.

A single-pane-of-glass dashboard, OmniCenter is a well-packaged, costeffective, and easyto- deploy monitoring solution for the education space

OmniCenter supports Active Directory, SAML, or LDAP integration for easy administration and single-sign on. Netreo also offers comprehensive OmniCenter support including turnkey deployment, remote configuration assistance, troubleshooting, training, and automated revision and security updates. In order to insure there are no procurement related hassles, the company offers subscriptionbased packaging with no commitment terms, no add-on modules, and no surprises.

Netreo has worked closely with a notable local Department of Education where they helped build a custom dashboard for their stakeholders. “The solution provided by Netreo was up and running and customized to their need in weeks – on-time and onbudget. Our approach towards educational technology has enabled the institutions and district schools to address the issue of bandwidth spending and IT downtime proactively,” affirms Kinsey.

Leading Fortune 1000 enterprises, K-20 education, and government institutions all use Netreo’s premier solution. The complex, heterogeneous IT environments and stringent uptime and performance requirements that these organizations require demand a simple, effective, and yet comprehensive monitoring system like OmniCenter. The product is geared towards automated functions and easy to learn interfaces to simplify the process of deployment and ongoing administration. This effort resonates for the education sector, which is always trying to improve efficiency and do more with less. “We also offer cloudbased functionality, which can enable further cost reductions, higher availability, and scaling on-demand,” says Kinsey. “With our focus on easy to understand Educationcentric dashboards, we can help educational institutions communicate better with their stakeholders, and avoid budget issues.”


Irvine, CA

Kevin Kinsey, CEO

Develops and manufactures the OmniCenter network management appliance, which provides cost-effective and easy-to-deploy application, network, and systems management.

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