Jigsaw: Virtual and Personalized Approach for Immersive Learning

Josette Fleszar, President & CEO
A large shift to modernize worldwide education is now open with the increase in Internet and technology exploitation. Educational institutions are adopting more online and long distance educational opportunities where a single mouse click enables web conferencing to connect instructors with students. However, “the current web conferencing systems were not built for learning so they are limited in their ability to offer high engagement, participation and personalized learning options,” notes Josette Fleszar, President and CEO, Jigsaw. Alpharetta-based Jigsaw turns passive listeners to active learners for education and training. The firm supports learners by offering a platform that incorporates multi-dimensional learning tools, personalized learning and real time learning confirmation.

“Today, learners respond better to immersive learning than to a lecture. Instructors need to engage the learner in the process to effectively impart knowledge to others,” states Fleszar. Basically, an interactive, engaging, and experiential learning session enables learners to participate. Jigsaw’s virtual classroom lets institutions determine what type and level of interactive multimedia is most effective to optimize learning. The company also provides performance metrics so instructors can determine the level of understanding by each student during class. By providing engagement analytics instructors can revise their content, style and tools based on student engagaement for improved performance.

“With one to one devices being deployed in many school systems, instructors need to find a way to effectively employ the use of these devices to keep students focused,” says Fleszar. Jigsaw offers schools the opportunity to use one to one devices in and out of the classroom. Using Jigsaw, any instructor can offer a blended learning model and include student projects, and more. Jigsaw offers flexibility to schools based on what they are looking to accomplish with their curriculum. Given budget concerns many schools are cutting programs where there is low enrollment in a subject.
Jigsaw allows schools to share resources and offer virtual classes across a district, throughout several districts or statewide.

With the introduction of tablets as teaching and learning devices, Jigsaw introduced Jigsaw Mobile. Instructors and students are able to have the same immersive teaching/ learning experience on a tablet as they have on a PC. This includes the real time learning confirmation, reporting and engagement tools. “JigsawMobile is unique in the market because it offers the same capabilities as that of a PC,” Fleszar explains.

Delivering various engagement reports for each session held within Jigsaw provides a true evaluation of the session’s success. Without engagement there is no learning, and these engagement reports drive very specific information around the level of activity, engagement, and performance by everyone in the session.

JigsawMobile is unique in the market because it offers the same capabilities as that of a PC

The flexibility of the Jigsaw platform helps institutions customize their classes without customizing their content. “We offer a great virtual platform to provide training and educational programs in a way that is cost, time and learning effective,” adds Fleszar.

Being content agnostic and working under the mantra of ICARE (Integrity, Customer service, Accountability, Results, and Excellence), Jigsaw revolutionizes worldwide virtual learning. The company focuses on the future of technology to improve training, education and learning. “Jigsaw can integrate with any learning management system so it expands the capability of software that an organization may already be using,” Fleszar concludes.


Alpharetta, GA

Josette Fleszar, President & CEO

Provider of a multi-dimensional, virtual and personalized learning platform that successfully engages students in the learning process.