Illuminate Education: Leveraging Technology to Reshape Education

Lane Rankin, CEO & President
Academic institutions face complex challenges than ever before. The global economic crisis has challenged many institutions to keep pace with the varying demands of students, parents and policy makers. With the advancement in technology, the way of imparting education has also evolved, paving way for the exchange of extensive data between the student, teacher and parent. In such a scenario, Illuminate Education, from Irvine California steps in to light the way for educators. “We take pride that we are an education company doing technology and not the other way around,” says Lane Rankin, CEO and President, Illuminate Education. The company helps schools to develop new and powerful tools to collect, organize, recreate and analyze student data.

The big difference that Illuminate makes to blended learning is ‘One system-One login-One solution’. As the products of Illuminate run on one system, data-needs like grades, attendance, state-reporting mandates, student demographics, and disciplinary actions are freely accessible. The data is not transferred back and forth between disparate systems. A complete web-based end-to-end solution like Illuminate Student Information (ISI) which caters to Student Information, Illuminate’s Data and Assessment Management System (DnA) which in turn deals with Data & Assessment as well as ISE which specializes in Special Education are in place. By the extensive use of ISI, student learning is enhanced by timely feedback on their performance, identification of their key strengths and areas of their improvement. ISI provides a fullfeatured grade-book, parent and student portal with graphs, a single login for parents of siblings, and child specific notes from the teacher, seating-charts, roster and summary of the child’s achievements.

DnA includes a set of reporting tools for common core assessment building, online testing, scanning and early warning. “Whether you are working with teacher-created quizzes, state tests, or a combination of these and more, DnA takes dynamic reporting to a new level,” says Rankin.
Catering to the needs of special education, Illuminate’s ISE provides service alongside a referral process, guides through the Individualized Education Program (IEP), data management, and manages Medicaid encounter tracking as well as billing.

The strategic anchors of the firm are an empowered, selfless, team-based culture and a neat iterative process of functioning giving rise to a quick assessment, data-driven master scheduling and an embedded business intelligence tool. Rankin’s interests in outdoor sports while furthering his will power, has made him a problem solver and risk taker.

A testament of Illuminate’s prowess is its service towards Highline Public Schools, Washington to create a master schedule process. Highline Public Schools has partnered, collaborated and invested in Illuminate to create a winning solution for the students and parents alike. Additionally, with the help of Illuminate, Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE), California has succeeded in raising the number of students completing the California Student Aid Commission (CalGrant)/Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from 6K to over 25K. “RCOE’s efforts have already been acknowledged by the White House and RCOE will be re-invited to share its best practices,” exclaims Rankin.

We take pride that we are an Education company doing technology and not the other way around

One-system-for-all-data-needs is definitely going to be an upscale concept in the days to come and Illuminate Education has plans of continuing to explore the education sector with new concepts like adaptive testing, progress monitoring, and predictive analytics.

Illuminate Education

Irvine, CA

Lane Rankin, CEO & President

Provides Student Life Cycle management through One system, One login, One solution.