Standard For Success: Providing Meaningful Evaluations to the Education Sector

Todd Whitlock, Co-founder & CEO
Technology adoption is enabling the education sector to embrace new ways of effective learning. However, ‘effective learning’ doesn’t purely rely on these new technologies; it depends on the teacher’s ability to adequately use them. Evaluating the effectiveness of these new methods, and ultimately the efficiency of the teachers and students, is still a concern to the institutions. “It is evident that schools are no longer about just teaching the subjects, but about teaching students effectively, which can be achieved through staff evaluation,” says Todd Whitlock, Co-founder and CEO, Standard For Success. To make the evolution process both easy and meaningful, Standard For Success, headquartered in Cloverdale, IN, offers innovative cloud-based evaluation and management solutions that are developed in association with teachers and administrators.

Standard For Success allows for real-time evaluation of teachers while easing the burden on administrators through its diverse management features and archives. “We help coach teachers and enhance their skills in order to better serve the students,” remarks Whitlock. The company’s service, Classroom Assessment Development, can be used for this purpose, as a measure of growth and achievement for the teachers, where they are assessed on various standards like student learning objectives from the identified state standards, developing a test blueprint, and writing assessment questions.

We provide solutions having low time gap and quick response time which help to make our client's job easier

The company also offers Cloud-based management solutions that enable the educators to record their student data in a transparent manner, as compared to the traditional paper and pencil method that takes weeks to complete.
A team of teachers and school administrators scrutinize the recorded electronic data at every step for enabling transparency. This helps the teachers to make the best use of allocated resources and make sure that the students are successful in the school systems.

Standard For Success clearly understands the problems faced by educators and addresses them successfully. “Our clients find our products easy-to-use and it takes less than 24 hours of training to incorporate our product into a district’s system. Some of our clients start their evaluation process even before having formal training because of our friendly user interface,” says Whitlock. “It makes the client’s job easier and this definitely impacts our ability to retain clients,” Whitlock adds.

The company partners with various school associations to support the educators and serve a vast clientele, including South Adams Schools and Carmel Clay Schools. One of the company’s clients, Avon Community School Corporation, partnered with Standard For Success for providing their teachers and administrators with a reliable and an easy to use online evaluation tool. Upon implementation, Avon Corporation’s administrative team was happy with the professional evaluation software, which could also be used offline to see domain-wise summaries of the schools. Like Avon Community School Corporation, several clients find Standard For Success’ products to be less cumbersome. The company is also proactive on understanding the problems which could evolve after the product implementations. “So we already built additional solutions for the client to address any unprecedented need quickly,” says Whitlock.

Going forward, Standard For Success plans to expand in the U.S. and internationally, leveraging its experience in the education domain. “We have evolved strategically in our concept and have grown at a controlled pace. Now we look to move ahead in the additional educational market and others, as our product can be used in most of the industries,” Whitlock winds up.

Standard For Success

Cloverdale, IN

Todd Whitlock, Co-founder & CEO and Alan Degener, Co-founder & Director of Product Development & Robbie Grimes, Co-founder

An online customizable teacher evaluation and employee evaluation system to make the staff evaluation process easier and less time consuming.