PerfectForms: Improve Workflow Processes with Online Form Software

Paula Selvidge, Ph.D, President & CEO
The ideal educational environment is one where faculty and administration are able to streamline processes, ensure compliance, and decrease costs, all while eliminating paper. PerfectForms has created the ultimate solution to help both school districts and universities customize forms and workflow applications, which enable them to forget the paperwork and focus on education. The online form builder offers an intuitive visual designer that allows even the most novice user to design simple and complex workflows. Users simply drag and drop to design a pixel-perfect user interface, map the workflow, integrate with other third-party systems and build reports. “Our education customers optimize a variety of administrative tasks including admission applications, faculty on-boarding, expense tracking, attendance reports, time-off requests, surveys, and maintenance reports, just to name a few,” says Paula Selvidge, the President and CEO. “They are able to decrease dependence on critical IT resources, cut costs, and automate processes.”

At its core, PerfectForms is the Swiss-army knife of workflow software. Technical skills are not required in order to build any type of custom solution. When designing a form or workflow application, users simply drag and drop objects on a canvas. They also define the business rules and logic, and then create the supporting workflow behind it. All with no coding required. Selvidge explains, “They can also easily produce impressive drill down reports through data grids, graphs, and charts, ensuring visibility across all operations.”PerfectForms provides form and workflow solutions for various educational institutions including University of Tennessee, Houston Community College and Scottsdale Unified School District.

Our workflow software enables customers to build forms, workflow applications and reports that streamline processes, ensure compliance and reduce costs

One of their customers, University of Tennessee-Martin (UTM) needed to do away with their process-heavy orientation system. Over 3,000 new students each year had to get identification cards (IDs)—which involved waiting in long lines to have their photo taken, then having the photos processed, and later handing out finished IDs. Solutions built with PerfectForms empowered the Office of Business Affairs to simplify this arduous process. Now, students can apply for a meeting time online and even upload a photo. Not only is the process more efficient, but students are much happier. This also eliminated the University’s cost of staffing and staging the photo booths.

PerfectForms continually focuses on improving customer experience by providing dedicated customer service. As a response to customer feedback, they ensure seamless interactions across a variety of devices, while also expanding data integration capabilities with legacy and third party systems.


Carlsbad, CA

Paula Selvidge, Ph.D, President & CEO

A web-based development platform that enables schools and universities to create custom forms and workflow applications without writing any code.