PCMG: End-to-End IT Services for the Education Sector

Alan Bechara, President
“A walking encyclopedia,” is how one would describe Alan Bechara, President of PCMG, on the realm of technological immersion in the education sector. As a technology enthusiast, Bechara has witnessed the entire transition of the education sector, from black boards to the interactive white boards in class rooms. “Technology is now being embraced into education as a direct result of the ways in which our society absorbs information,” says Bechara. “However, with the ample amount of options available, the challenge lies in not only identifying the right product and services, but also the right type of curriculum to keep students engaged, and to deliver the best content possible,” he adds.

PCMG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PCM, headquartered in Chantilly, VA, provides technology solutions and services to federal, state and local governments and educational institutions. The company manages professional services, lifecycle services, and managed services, along with assessments, design, installation, and configuration of solutions for educational institutions across the U.S. “We focus on the full range of IT solutions and services so that educational institutions can focus on inspiring, motivating and educating students,” says Bechara. The company also offers migration services which are considered a key service for many of their education customers.

PCMG’s strength lies in holding partnerships and certifications with leading manufacturers. The company has built a reputation on quality processes supported by certifications and accreditations at the highest levels with industry partners such as Apple, Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. “These partnerships enable us to better communicate with the manufacturers, keeping them apprised of what we are discussing with our clients, driving the messaging to our customers and leveraging our company buying power to pass any savings on to our customers,” asserts Bechara. “By using strategic call campaigns, targeted marketing events, attending niche trade shows, leveraging our field sales team, our service engineers and technical solutions engineers, PCMG is able to identify and tailor individual institutional needs,” he adds.
Additionally, PCMG’s existing contracts make it easy for educational organizations to procure their requirements, while keeping costs low and quality high.

The company has created a three pronged approach to assist their clients that includes a strong inside sales presence to tackle customers’ day to day needs; field sales for a high level consultative approach; and strong follow-up to let each of its customers know that PCMG stays with them long after the sale. This approach has gained the company a long list of happy customers.

PCMG has worked closely with a university that was looking into upgrading their current wireless network, which had a flawed structure. Taking control of the situation, PCMG leveraged its inside sales, field sales, and engineering resources to identify the problem and designed a new plan that would get them on track. In a short span of time, PCMG’s team was able to create a solution which worked as “a proof of concept” that fulfilled the customer’s immediate and future needs.

We have built our reputation on quality processes supported by certifications and accreditations at the highest levels with industry partners

Being a strong believer of the ideology, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” Bechara always advises his teams to view things from the client’s perspective. He is certain that this approach helps PCMG to be in a leadership position. “We aim to continue our focus on 21st Century Classroom technologies along with cutting edge infrastructure and datacenter needs. Security will also be a strong focus in the coming years,” concludes Bechara.


Chantilly, VA

Alan Bechara, President

PCMG is a value-added direct market reseller of IT products and services to public sector, education, and healthcare customers.