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Jim Martindale, Managing Partner
Today’s education technology sphere is characterized by a fragmented and highly-dynamic market, where myriad startups are gaining foothold with disruptive technology as well as the established education businesses, “going digital.” With regards to this market dynamism, the education technology companies are either buying other education technologies and integrating them or building extensions to stay relevant in the market. Along with this type of consolidation, comes the post-acquisition integration exercise, where it becomes important to take decisions as to which people, processes, and backend technologies will best suit to run the consolidated organizations. Navint Partners, headquartered in Rochester, NY, focuses on working with such companies to address their consolidation challenges, without destroying the accretive value implicit in the merger. “As the companies grow organically or via acquisition, there are opportunities for them to grow more efficiently, while spending less in SG&A as a percent of their revenue growth,” says Jeffrey Wissink, Senior Partner, Navint. “In this way, we also focus on optimizing the backoffice functions like Finance, HR, and IT to determine optimal organization constructs, process efficiencies, and technology to help these companies grow smarter,” he adds.

Navint specializes in helping educational institutions achieve their large-scale organizational process change. This change is enabled through Navint’s competencies in IT transformation, On Shore-Off Shore Application Developmentand Business Process Optimization that are vital to the stability and growth of the education institutions. “Our senior-level consultants work with the educational organizations throughout their project. We help them in identifying threats and designing strategies based on unique demands of their operating environment,” remarks Wissink. “From Change Management Leadership and Project Management to Organizational Design and Technology Selection, we offer a broad range of services to help higher education colleges and universities navigate the complexities in their educational environment,” he adds.

Being a boutique management consulting firm of “big 4” experienced senior consultants, Navint offers industry knowledge, big-firm skills, and small-firm intimacy and flexibility to the client companies. Talking about Navint’s unique strategies, Jim Martindale, Managing Director at Navint, remarks, “management consulting is a people business and our strategy for success lies in our ability to hire the best and brightest consultants that espouse the genuine ‘client-first’ attitude which we demonstrate with all of our clients.”
Jeffrey Wissink, Senior Partner
Navint has garnered illustrious clientele to its name including Blackboard, ITT, and McGraw-Hill. The company was engaged by a major for-profit higher education institution that was struggling with a host of new regulatory conditions that threatened their traditional revenue streams. There was a spike demand in the client company’s i nternal IT support to adapt their existing backend and course delivery systems to acquire new students and retain the existing ones. Navint quickly assessed the active project portfolio of the client and helped them prioritize the high-value projects that the company could successfully deliver, given the resources and financial constraints. This included the delivery of a new application for a tablet-based course content to classrooms where Navint played a heavy role in vendor selection, solution architecture, management, and the overall quality maintainance. This initiative, along with others, helped the client with student acquisition, retention, and a lower cost of content delivery.

We help the education institutions in identifying the threats and designing the strategies based on unique demands of their operating environment

Navint’s unique placement in the management consulting space and its group of seasoned consulting professionals hold the credit to its rising growth and success rate. Moving along the path of this significant growth, the company yearns to further its mission of helping companies achieve step-function revenue and profitability growth. “We are able to do that by continuing with both organic as well as targeted acquisitions of like-minded ‘client-first’ professional services organizations,” signs off Martindale.

Navint Partners

Rochester, NY

Jim Martindale, Managing Partner and Jeffrey Wissink, Senior Partner

A specialist in providing management consulting and technology solutions like Complex Program Management, Change Leadership, Organizational Design, and Business and Technology Strategies for education institutions.