iDashboards: Visually Engaging Ways for Data Display Needs of Educators

CIO VendorShadan Malik, President and CEO
Beautiful dashboards, powerful insights, and easy-to-build data display formats, are a few words which describe the offerings of iDashboards, a creative company headquartered in Troy, MI. A pioneer in the data visualization space; various colleges and school districts have adopted iDashboards as the business intelligence software of their choice for management and performance dashboards. “At iDashboards, we not only provide richer and visually engaging ways of data displays, but also offer quick and dynamic dashboards for users, so that they can draw real meaning from the raw data,” says Shadan Malik, President and CEO of iDashboards.

The company’s cutting-edge dashboard solutions are utilized to monitor K-12 and Higher Education KPIs, such as student enrollment, accreditation, institutional research, and departmental metrics. “Educational institutions face the challenge of providing a secure access of collected data to their Board of Trustees or the President’s cabinet. iDashboards alleviates these challenges by giving secure access and greater insights into their KPIs,” adds Malik. Apart from the dashboards for an institute’s Board of Trustees, the company also provides other customized Higher Education dashboards and metrics such as Enrollment, Admissions, Budget, Graduation Rates and Advancement.

The company’s software product, iDashboards Enterprise Suite is carefully designed for the end-user requirement. This unique dashboard solution features captivating graphics, rapid dashboard development and allows users to make data driven decisions without the need of any programming or coding. With its product iDashboards In Cloud, the company has been able to change the business intelligence landscape of its users by empowering them to create engaging interactive dashboards hosted in the cloud, which easily turn data into meaningful decisions. Complementing the services provided by these two products, iDashboards Display Solution gives the users an ability to display their various dashboards on their office screens and production facility in a slideshow format.All these products enable the company’s users to create their customized dashboards with secure Log-In Credentials, Dashboard Designer Framework and Drag and Drop Design Capabilities.

We offer quick and dynamic dashboards for users, so that they can draw real meaning out of raw data

iDashboards focuses more on its customers, rather than its competitors. “We listen to what our customers say and let them be the driving force for our development. We try to understand their data needs, so that we can help them develop their best customized dashboards,” remarks Malik. “Our software can be adopted in any industry area, but we find the most success in the area of education. The reason being a strong need to visualize their data, in a quick and easy way such that when they pair with our enterprise class software, their data requirements get fulfilled,” he adds.

iDashboards services are utilized by a large number of clientele including Pennsylvania State University and California State University. One of their clients, Dalton State College was in need of an efficient data reporting system that could be updated in real-time. The college was relying on the static Fact Book system for informing the updates about the policy and decision making on the campus. After considering a number of dashboard solutions, the college selected iDashboard software, and went through a training course with iDashboards’s technical consultant on maintaining dashboards. The training allowed them to complete more than 15 customized dashboards and right after a week, they were able to complete 60 percent of their Fact Book. Dalton State College now plans to build more dashboards to monitor their various strategic plans and other institutional projects.

iDashboards leaves no stone unturned for addressing the needs of its customers and helping them reach their data visualization goals. With this, the company plans to retain its position as the market leader in the dashboards space.



Shadan Malik, President and CEO

A pioneer in data-visualization space, which enables institutions to build dynamic dashboards, drawing real meaning from raw data