ENA: Providing World-Class Education Technology Tools to Schools and Libraries

David M. Pierce, CEO
Headquartered in Nashville, TN, ENA has dedicated its entire business to delivering connectivity and communication solutions that answer the changing needs of the education sector. From high-speed broadband connectivity, VoIP and videoconferencing to content filtering and Wi-Fi, ENA has just the right solutions required to ensure communication, instruction, and daily operations flow without any interruption or difficulty. “We believe that today’s technology solutions are about providing robust and reliable access to people, information, applications, tools and resources. With our motto, ‘Service is the Solution,’ we have been able to deliver scalable and cost-effective IP-based connectivity, communication, and collaboration services to K-12 schools and libraries,” says David M. Pierce, CEO of ENA.

ENA provides a full suite of managed technology services like Internet access, wide area networks, Voice over IP, IP videoconferencing, and Wi-Fi services, which all deliver enhanced service with improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared to other solutions. These solutions are critical to help drive student achievement, operational efficiencies and future capabilities. Once selected as a provider, ENA works with its customers to achieve E-rate funding which is a funding source for schools and libraries to offset telecommunications costs. ENA also helps its customers maintain compliance with E-rate regulations through training and other support. As part of its managed service approach, ENA supplies, configures, installs, manages, maintains and monitors all circuits and related on-site equipment for the life of the contract.

ENA specializes in providing managed state-wide and system-wide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions. “Many service providers claim to offer a managed service, but for us, managed service means full service,” states Pierce. “We consider ourselves to be service partners with our customers and have a laser focus on delivering customer service excellence,” he adds. With ENA’s IaaS solution, customers only need to call one phone number—ENA’s—to request new services or to resolve any and all issues related to their services. Every ENA customer is assigned an Account Service Manager who builds a trusted relationship with his or her customer and works to understand their unique goals and needs. The multi-level, integrated security approach of ENA can include proactive network monitoring, fully hosted firewall services, and customizable content filtering, as well as application-level filters to contain any virus outbreaks and other vulnerabilities that might affect the overall health of the network.

From high-speed broadband connectivity, VoIP and video to content filtering and Wi-Fi, ENA has just the right solutions required to keep communication, instruction, and daily operations flowing

ENA is a national company serving seven statewide education and library networks, over 550 school districts, including 16 of the largest school districts in the country, and 295 library systems which, all totaled, encompass thousands of locations across the nation. The company has several success stories, including Mooresville Public Library in Indiana, which is always looking for new ways to serve the diverse needs of its patrons by providing them robust access to web resources. Mooresville recognized the need for an effective managed Wi-Fi solution and, after reviewing a number of Wi-Fi services, chose ENA Air, ENA’s Wi-Fi solution, due to its strong credibility and reliable service. After the seamless implementation of ENA services, Mooresville Public Library and its patrons enjoyed a reliable Wi-Fi experience.

Looking to the future, Pierce believes it is an exciting time to serve the education community. “School districts are transforming from group-focused, industrial-age school systems to digital-age school systems that are customized to meet the needs of individual children. This opportunity exists not only at classroom level, but also in the way the country’s schools and central offices function to meet academic and operational needs,” says Pierce. “In order to achieve this transformation, the education sector is moving technology from the sidelines to the center of stage.” ENA will continue to meet this digital transformation with new and innovative services along with their existing suite of services.


Nashville, TN

David M. Pierce, CEO

Provider of connectivity and communication Infrastructure as a Service solutions to K-12 education agencies and libraries to enable them to connect and deploy world-class technologies.

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