Ellucian: Technology Solutions Built for Higher Education

Michael Betz, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
As a provider of higher education software and services, Ellucian helps institutions strengthen their academic processes and operate in a faster, efficient, and more effective manner. The company’s innovative solutions are designed solely for the needs of higher education—from improving student recruitment and retention to enhancing the way faculty advises and guides the students. “Our technologies are helping institutions excel in how they provide critical services to meet the changing demands of students, faculty, and staff,” says Michael Betz, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Ellucian.

Ellucian offers a broad ecosystem of software and services, like Banner, the most widely used higher education ERP in the world, which provides easy access and speedy workflows for students, faculty, and staff. Ellucian also offers Colleague, a web-based self-service student planning tool that aligns students, advisors, and institutions to a common goal of helping the students graduate on time. PowerCampus, yet another efficient and cost effective software solution takes charge to empower small and mid-sized institutions and deliver the services like managing admissions and academic records.

Ellucian’s Banner Data Defense solution combines the multiple layers of IT security defense solutions like firewall and audit tool into one solution, for the benefit of the institutions. Ellucian Cloud, another service solution, provides a secure environment for managing the institutional information.

The company’s product design strategy, XE: Extensible Ecosystem, is designed to reflect the evolving nature of today’s higher education environment. It is delivered with a modern, responsive, and intuitive user interface, while preserving the best database technology in the world. The entire platform is centered on delivering the best student experience possible, in an agile and modular way. The company also has a robust partner development community, with 21,000 users, spanning 40 countries.
Through collaborative groups, Ellucian transfers specific product knowledge to its clients so that they can support and upgrade their ERP investments in a better way. Ellucian helps more than 2,400 edu¬cation institutions all over the world with services and solutions that help them make informed decisions. “With the help of our re¬mote services and access to higher education technology, we are able to support institutions in managing their technical infrastructure,” says Betz. “We also support our clients at their unique pace of change by publishing our product plans and roadmaps well in advance.”

With our onsite leadership and remote services, we are able to support institutions to manage their technical infrastructure

Some of the illustrious clientele of Ellucian include Purdue University, American University, Duke University, and Yale University. One of their clients, North Shore Community College used the company’s service, named Banner to address their significant challenges when the institution saw a 30 percent increase in student enrollment. Banner provided the college with a solid foundation to deliver operational efficiency and advanced long-term planning. Built on a standard-based architecture, it enabled North Shore Community College to seamlessly integrate with the third-party applications, like Google email and college intranet.

With the changing demography and increasing diversity of higher education sector, Ellucian continues to see demand for cloud services and Continuing Education. For this, the company plans to carry on its investment in SaaS and Cloud-based products, along with investing in its major products, such as Banner, Colleague, and PowerCampus.


Fairfax, VA

Michael Betz, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

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