Actio Corporation: Delivering an Automated Platform for Regulatory Compliance

CIO Vendor Russ McCann, CEO of Actio Software Corporation, might be described as “a man of substance.” With an extensive business background in the technology sector, McCann has now found himself taking on the challenge that manufacturers have managing information about the chemical substances in a product supply chain. Over the years, as an executive in California’s Silicon Valley, McCann couldn’t ignore the need in industry for automating data management for risk assessment and regulatory compliance. That observation later resulted in the advent of Actio Corporation. “Actio’s enterprise compliance platform helps businesses manage global health and safety, REACH, WEEE and conflict mineral regulations in terms of risk compliance,” says McCann.

With global, domestic, and state compliance rules directed towards hazardous chemicals, conflict minerals, and sustainability, companies need to have a transparent view of their entire global supply chain–to know exactly what substances, and what quantity of those substances, are being used to produce their finished products. Data collection and management is key, requiring an automated, ongoing program to collect, manage and analyze data to comply with constantly evolving sustainability and regulatory requirements. “Today, Actio is focused on helping our customers adopt a strategic platform for collecting and analyzing supplier data for supply chain traceability and transparency for global regulatory compliance,” explains Mc- Cann.

Actio has invested over 15 years perfecting web-based, on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) technology for supplier collaboration. Some of Actio's larger and more recognizable clients include Owens Corning, Stanley Black&Decker, Green Mountain Coffee, Behr, Textron, Mead- WestVaco, Florida Light & Power, Astra- Zeneca, Goodrich Aerospace and more, while hundreds of smaller companies also rely on Actio every day.

Actio’s flagship product, Material Disclosure, is an enterprise compliance platform that powers global regulatory compliance for companies, while protecting trade secrets and providing customizable, progressively detailed data gathering querying campaigns. The software also allows stakeholders to analyze supply data and regulatory details to create accurate reports and make quick, informed decisions about how to best
manage materials for maximum return and minimal risk exposure. “It is one of the first applications on the market that empowers companies to track product ingredients in the supply chain, analyze data and create meaningful reports to find out if suppliers are meeting regulatory objectives,” says McCann. Another product is Actio Gatekeeper, a materials screening workflow-enabling tool. Managing the materials ordering process reduces cost, improves processes, and organizes materials management towards a more efficient, and more sustainable, product line. “Gatekeeper is a workflow environment to centralize and expedite requesting, authorizing, and purchasing materials,” says McCann.

Our products enable organizations to reach out to the supply chain with minimal intrusion to the supplier and maximum efficiency

Another product from Actio, SDS Vault, is the first of its kind SaaS material safety data sheet software. It helps in managing global environmental health and safety compliance. “Our software provides compliance for global companies as well as smaller and mid-sized companies,” says McCann. “It easily manages SDS compliance, along with updating extended-SDS, GHS Labelling, and CLP documents, Summary Sheets and Technical Datasheets and related HazCom documents in native languages.”

The company serves over 250 customers, across many industries, including automotive, biotechnology, aerospace and defense, electronics, packaging, and building supplies. One major manufacturer in the aerospace industry was facing issues with an inefficient process for the approval of new materials in the ordering process. The company replaced their system, which was based on interoffice mail envelopes, with Gatekeeper and MSDS Vault, resulting in a 75 percent reduction in approval time. Moving forward, Actio plans to expand its global presence in Europe. “We will definitely stick with SaaS, in terms of technological approach. We also aim to continually update our range of products and bolster our global growth,” concludes McCann.


Provides software for automating data management for product and facility regulatory compliance