Fortinet: Integrated And High Performance Protection Against Dynamic Security Threats

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Over the last decade, network security threats have evolved from connection-based to content-based. Stopping modern malware, such as advanced persistent threats (APTs) requires complete content protection. More than simply identifying applications and allowing or denying the traffic; it is application control coupled with identity-based policy enforcement of all content. Fortinet, a provider of network security appliances, provides the breadth of functionality businesses need to detect hidden threats within legitimate content, even from trusted sources and authorized applications. This level of protection means a business can allow new applications into a network, but automatically block any malicious content or behavior.

Fortinet provides network security solutions, which enable broad, integrated and high performance protection against dynamic security threats while simplifying the IT security infrastructure for enterprises, service providers and governmental entities worldwide.

Fortinet, a provider of network security appliances, provides the breadth of functionality businesses need to detect hidden threats within legitimate content

Fortinet’s flagship FortiGate high-performance network security appliances integrate firewall, VPN, application control, anti-malware, intrusion prevention, Web filtering, anti-spam and WAN acceleration functionality and deliver industry-leading performance for the most demanding networking environments.
By combining the latest CPUs with their custom FortiASICs, Fortinet believes that they have developed the best platform to deliver extremely high throughput and exceptionally low latency. Their unique approach minimizes packet processing while accurately scanning the data for threats.

Fortinet’s illustrious clientele includes the world's largest telecommunication carriers, financial institutions, universities, retailers and government entities. BT, one of the world’s largest, most successful and innovative telecommunications carriers and IT services businesses, required a network security solution that allowed them to reduce IT resources and quickly and easily scale as the company’s customer base grew. The solution needed to achieve stringent, audit-safe PCI compliance within a major complex network and safeguard seamless migrations for banks/payment processors and their highly sensitive, low latency data. BT ended up successfully deploying FortiGate and FortiAnalyzer solutions.

Fortinet's new generation of secure gateway solutions are helping customers realize significant cost-efficiencies, ROI and comply with regulatory requirements. They keep customers protected from dynamic threats through their FortiGuard network of services, which is staffed by a global team of threat researchers who continuously monitor the evolving threat landscape. The team consists of over 200 FortiGuard labs researchers who provide around the clock coverage to help ensure their customers’ networks stay protected 24/7/365. FortiGuard delivers rapid product updates and detailed security knowledge, which provides protection from new and emerging threats.

“Fortinet’s ultimate goal is to become the number one network security company in the world. This year, Fortinet passed Juniper to become the third largest network security company in the world. Beyond strong financials, Fortinet will continue to innovate in order to better secure today's high-performance and virtual IT network environments,” says Ken Xie, Founder.


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Ken Xie, Founder

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