Scitent Releases SCIDEA, an Enterprise-Wide Learning Management Platform
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Scitent Releases SCIDEA, an Enterprise-Wide Learning Management Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, July 21, 2014

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA: Scitent - a full-service eLearning company for nonprofits, corporations, membership organizations, and healthcare organizations announces the release of SCIDEA, a new, proprietary learning management system (LMS). It is a platform that assists users for continuing education and certification in topics such as health and medical training, information technology, and higher education.

SCIDEA is a customizable, flexible, and SCORM-compliant eLearning platform, supporting blended learning, certification and continuing education (CE) credit management, real-time updates to learning content, ecommerce, and the delivery of course content through varied domestic and global distribution channels.

Part of Scitent’s full suite of eLearning services that include building, hosting, managing, marketing, and monetizing an organization's intellectual property through online education, SCIDEA LMS offers customer support center for boosting online course sales and assisting learners. "We understand that successful eLearning is more than moving content online. Our customers want the right course design and the best marketing and sales support to make their online learning meet users' educational needs and create revenue for sustained growth," says Deb McMahon, President and CEO, Scitent.

Additional features of SCIDEA LMS are: it works as an online key manager, so courses can be distributed and learner progress monitored via global distribution channels. It acts as a customizable platform, which allows nonprofits, corporations, and membership organizations to create an experience unique to user needs and also provides real-time learner feedback, so that content can be updated and expanded on a continuous basis.

It supports competency-based learning tools; responsive design for display and use on a range of mobile devices, and the flexible reporting capabilities allows managers to monitor usage and progress based on custom-defined parameters.