Top 20 e-Learning Companies - 2017

Top 20 e-Learning Companies - 2017

The eLearning industry is changing as organizations adapt to meet the needs of new students with new expectations. Today, most learners are looking for more than a passive experience; they want to be fully engaged in their training. To that end, the adoption of mLearning or mobile learning has been on an upswing over the last five years. Flexibility to offer the courses that are multi-device (they run seamlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones) is the single biggest gain.

Other steady trends that are becoming apparent due to the proliferation of mobile devices are mobile apps for learning, gamification, and collaborative and social learning. While gamification has been redicted as the “next big thing” and has continued to be a strong strategy to create high impact, immersive learning, usage of mobile apps for learning has also increased. Also, social learning is increasingly used by forward thinking organizations to foster collaborative learning and more significantly its application on the job

Our selection panel has evaluated hundreds of e-learning solution providers based on their abilities to assist organizations and institutions with a process that delivers online learning courses in an efficient, convenient and flexible manner. We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising e-learning Solution Providers-2017.”

Company Name

Company Description

Adobe Adobe eLearning Suite is a collection of applications made by Adobe Systems for learning professionals, instructional designers, training managers, content developers, and educators
Blackboard Inc. [NASDAQ:BBBB] Blackboard is education’s partner in change, helping learners, educators, institutions, and companies thrive in a complex and changing environment
Campus Labs Offers a complete set of integrated solutions for areas such as assessment, retention, teaching and learning, student engagement, and institutional effectiveness
DigitalChalk Provides a time-saving and efficient Learning Management System that allows custom design and launch of courses
Edmentum Committed to making it easier for educators to individualize learning for every student through simple technology, high-quality content, actionable data, and customer success
GROW Learning Management System GROW Learning Management System provides an alternative training solution to the multifamily industry based on microlearning delivered in quick, animated 10-minute training videos
Helix Education Provides colleges and universities a comprehensive suite of technology and services to power data-driven enrollment growth
KDG Delivers real-time data on engagement for prospective students, current students, and alumni
KWALL KWALL delivers innovative web experiences that advance university goals and empower their department teams
LearnCore A sales enablement and video coaching solution that addresses common challenges in training sales teams
Learning Library Inc A provider of education management tools and publishing solutions
Macmillan Learning Offering a combination of world-class content and evolving technology to ignite curiosity in the knowledge-sharing experience and improve lives through learning
Meridian Knowledge Solutions Delivers targeted learning and development programs that quickly on-board employees and continuously sharpen skills, increase knowledge and engage the workforce
Mindflash Provides cloud-based learning management solution for large and fast-growing companies to deliver frequent training to their customers, partners, and employees
Netreo Provides network management appliances, which provide cost-effective and easy-to-deploy application, network, and systems management
SchoolDude Offers web-native operations management solutions specifically for the unique needs of educational institutions
Schoology Develops unique LMS by aligning with the needs and learning styles of education in the real world
Schoox, Inc. Offers a platform challenging traditional compliance checklist processes to help employees learn, develop their skills, and drive business growth
SharedBook SharedBook allows users to add digital and mobile formats to printed training materials while eliminating shipping costs
Skillsoft Provider of high-quality, innovative, cloud-based learning and performance support resources