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Bobby Grover, VP Operations
Adaptability and personalization have become a measure of success within the educational sector, owing to an institution’s ability to remain resilient in the face of turmoil and provide uninterrupted education to the people. To achieve such sustained success, institutions have partnered with organizations such as Koncept Education to implement academic solutions for virtual and blended learning, credit recovery, dropout prevention, alternative education, English language learning, summer school, and more, all in a single platform. California-based Koncept Education stands tall as an exclusive provider of common core state standards (CCSS) adaptive program which offers real-time monitoring, tutoring, remedial learning, and personalized learning for students in kindergarten to grade twelve.

Alongside these solutions, the company addresses a key problem within academia. One of the major setbacks the traditional classroom teaching modality faces is that it doesn’t accommodate students operating at different levels of understanding. While some students fall behind in class, others are not pushed enough. On the other hand, parents wish to continually keep a tab on their wards’ progress and ensure the best outcome for children. Koncept Education’s unique monitoring system featured through its programs has allowed the firm to gain a detailed overview of students’ academic progress, aptitude for learning, and comprehension style. This knowledge base allows the Koncepts’ staff to create a learning plan that caters to each student’s individual learning needs in partnership with Pearsons - a renowned brand in the e-learning space across the world. Through its one-on-one tutoring and one-on-one material, Koncept ensures that the student understands the topics for comprehension and learns according to the school’s teaching methodology. The emphasis is on both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the curriculum. “Koncept Education is providing one-on-one, supplemental education to the students. We are similar to an after-school education company, more in the space of tutoring,” remarks Bobby Grover, VP Operations at Koncept Education.

Koncept Education incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor each course to a student’s learning style; the goal is to combine the best of both worlds, with technology on one hand and real tutors on the other.
Furthermore, with an engaging curriculum produced by industry leader Pearsons, Koncept offers programs like Successmaker and GradPoint for grades K to 12. Successmaker, for instance, is the adaptive program featuring Math and English lessons for students in grades K to 8. On the other hand, GradPoint aims to assist students in improving their GPA progressively. GradPoint features Math, English, Science, and Social Studies, providing students with an environment to practice quizzes at home before taking them in class before evaluation. Through Successmaker and GradPoint programs, students could effortlessly achieve consistent progress with an engaging curriculum.

Koncept Education is providing one-on-one, supplemental education to the students. This is like an after-school education company, more in the space of tutoring

Bobby Grover and his wife Rajneet Kaur have always passionate about establishing an education company. Grover was involved in marketing, through call centers for EdTech firms from 2009 to 2011. Thereafter, in 2012, he founded Grade Aid Learning, an education startup in Calgary. In 2016, Grover and his wife started this venture and in the last four to five years, the company has experienced an annual increase of 80% in terms of avenue. Over the last few years, the world of education has been undergoing a digital change. Students were compelled to use online resources, allowing e-learning companies like Koncept Education to address virtual and blended learning avenues with solutions that were always designed to deal with situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Advancing into the future, Koncept Education will focus on building strategic partnerships with other Edtech companies and grow beyond North America to fulfill varied academic requirements.

Koncept Education

Mountain View, California

Bobby Grover, VP Operations

Koncept is an exclusive provider of CCSS (Common Core State Standards) Adaptive program combined with real time monitoring and tutoring by our In-House tutors. Koncept through its Adaptive program offers easy-to-use solution produced and developed by industry leaders such as Pearsons. The solutions offered has it all for students, teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators and IT directors. Koncept through its online platform offers the power to address virtual and blended learning, credit recovery, dropout prevention, alternative education, English language learning, summer school, and more all on one platform and all with engaging curriculum developed by industry leaders – Pearsons which offers SUCCESSMAKER® and GRADPOINTTM tailored for kids between KG-Grade12.

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