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Eva Mach, President, CEO & Employee Owner
“Occurrences of theft, accidents, bullying, and the recent incidents of shooters going on a rampage are a nightmare scenario for security and safety directors on school campuses,” begins Eva Mach as she touches upon the growing demand for security within campuses. Being well-versed with the nitty-gritty of safety and security requirements, Eva harnesses her 20 years of industry experience in an ambitious bid to alleviate campus security with the aid of latest technologies. The rapid industry transformation from physical to virtual fuels the convergence of cyber and physical security. Eva envisions a dynamic culture to focus on campus security needs of elementary, middle school, high school, and college students across the US. Currently, as the President, CEO & Employee Owner of Minnesota-based Pro-Tec Design—a technology company and systems integrator specializing in campus security—Eva leads the charge to combine campus security solutions with best-of-breed technology and practices. “Technology is only one aspect of security. We educate organizations on the best practices and emerging technologies and offer a holistic view of school safety to make the campuses safer,” states Eva.

Pro-Tec Design works collaboratively with security organizations and aligns its security solutions with the best research to identify the clients’ roadmap and provide superlative, budget-friendly solutions for improved return on investment (ROI). The company provides traditional on premise solutions in addition to cloud solutions, managed services, and Bluetooth technology catering to students used to using their mobile devices. Pro-Tec Design empowers schools with the PTD Xperience—a robust security development process—to identify clients’ critical and optimal security areas and build roadmaps with simultaneous risk assessment and PTD system health checkups. The PTD Xperience also provides clients a roadmap incorporating on premise and hosted campus security solution components such as video surveillance, access control, visitor management, and notification beacons. “Technology keeps evolving, and we as integrators assist organizations build upon their investments with the ability to flexibly incorporate future enhancements,” Eva explains.

Backed by years of experience working with local governments and police departments, Pro-Tec Design is uniquely positioned to integrate collaboration among the first responders via improved alert notifications.

We are in this business to make the world safer, and we wholly dedicate ourselves to delivering exceptional customer service and seamless user experience

The company’s uniqueness also stems from its unwavering commitment to educating its employees on the emerging technologies, and design security solutions using technology the clients are familiar with (read mobile devices). “We are in this business to make the world safer, and we wholly dedicate ourselves to delivering exceptional customer service and seamless user experience,” says Eva.

Pro-Tec Design takes great pride in serving as a trusted advisor to its clients across educational, healthcare, transportation, and commercial industries, and will continue to meet their security requirements. Recently, one of the company’s clients decided to extend their outside perimeter protection. Rather than just installing additional cameras, Pro-Tec Design assisted the client in implementing a system that leverages data analytics, empowering their security director to track a person’s progress across the entire property perimeter. “The system did not just simplify tracking, data analytics also allows for easy forensics work if needed,” adds Eva.

As the security market advances into capitalizing the evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Pro-Tec Design is looking forward to bringing a the power of analytics like license plate recognition, aggression and gunshot detection into the campus environment. The robust analytics like operator assisted tracking will allow the security personnel to track subjects between cameras in a large campus environment. With its current focus on cloud-based systems, Pro-Tec Design is committed to implementing open systems, allowing clients flexibly transition from proprietary product hardware to managed services and cybersecurity.

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Minnetonka, MN

Eva Mach, President, CEO & Employee Owner

Pro-Tec Design is a security technology leader maintaining the highest degree in industry-specific certifications, and is committed to ensure complete protection of assets, data, and people

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