PCM-G: Advancing the Education of Generation Z through Technology

Phil Mogavero, Vice President HDC Partnerships
Generation Z students are tech-savvy. They have a short attention span, switch one browsing window/app to another frequently in search of interesting content. On the other hand, the traditional whiteboard and instructor-led teaching along with paper-based books that are not interactive can be boring for students, affecting their learning. To actively engage students in learning, educational institutions are increasingly leveraging state-of-the-art digital content with intuitive graphics, realistic 3D depictions, and interactive mixed-reality simulations. However, to deliver this information-rich content with large file sizes require high network bandwidth for file transfer. Virginia-based PCM-G helps educational institutions have reliable and secure high-speed networks with a robust network and wireless infrastructure to facilitate faster content delivery. Students can leverage this infrastructure to interact with the learning content through their mobile devices. “Technology is the answer for advancing the education of Generation Z, and we deliver it,” says Phil Mogavero, Vice President HDC Partnerships at PCM-G.

PCM-G has already established large WiFi networks in several universities and their stadiums. For instance, they developed a wireless infrastructure that supports 30,000 concurrent users for the football stadium at Baylor University. Furthermore, the infrastructure could also be extended to the campus and classrooms to ensure maximum student connectivity and content delivery. The company envisions leveraging similar networks and the power of the cloud to help educational institutions to provide distance learning courses.

To secure its network, PCM-G leverages the AAA model— authentication, authorization, and accounting. In this model, the end-user is first authenticated to determine the user and the device. Following which the authorization process grants the user access that is then tracked through accounting. “This is an essential feature in public networks with guest access to provide them only the necessary access to content while tracking the usage,” says Mogavero.
All of this is achieved through ClearPass application control from Aruba Networks, a HPE company. Additionally, to further tighten the security of the content, PCM-G provides email, web, end-point, and cloud security along with micro-segmentation and virtual firewalls. “We offer complete lifecycle services including consultants to design, eProcurement to purchase, certified engineers to install and a managed security practice to manage our solutions,” adds Mogavero.

Mogavero stresses that one of the reasons why PCM-G has raised the bar is their exceptional technology adoption process. It starts with a thorough wireless and network assessment of the facility. The design contemplates applications such as video surveillance, distance learning and the devices that will leverage the network such as tablets, IoT devices, digital signs and more. The network is then designed for the optimal experience with the best placement for the wireless access points. The company can also assess and manage the workload of the network and wireless infrastructure after implementation for optimum performance.

With their vision to advance education, PCM-G has developed a new initiative in State and Local Government and Education (SLED), with their Ivy League School strategy. Through this, they offer schools in the league with complete solutions in a packaged environment to support distance learning while also improving campus safety through video surveillance. They have also put in place a dedicated sales team experienced and focused on SLED.

With a built-out cloud team and strategy, PCM-G provides lifecycle solutions in consulting, implementation, and procurement while also delivering managed services to support their offerings. “We invest in exceptional services personnel to support all facets of IT infrastructure for education from tablets, smart boards, wireless and networks, cabling, cloud, and managed services,” says Mogavero. One of the key elements behind this has been their Platinum partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and its Aruba network division which has helped the company provide a plethora of services and solutions to their clients while growing extensively over the past five years. They have also expanded their global footprint to Canada and the U.K. and envision further growth.


Herndon, VA

Phil Mogavero, Vice President HDC Partnerships

Provide lifecycle solutions from consulting, implementation, procurement, and managed services for advancing education for Generation Z