Interfolio, Inc.: SaaS Solution to Facilitate Academic Decision Making

Andrew H Rosen, CEO
The current higher education technology landscape primarily focuses on students and their challenges; however, that is only one half of the equation: where are the faculty? All mission critical decisions are driven by faculty who sit on committees, yet there’s no technology available to support these processes, which in turn creates inefficiencies that exist at every level of the university structure. Very little of the technology available in higher education today makes faculty life easier or more productive—yet faculty comprise the core of most institutional budgets. While most technology providers address the student aspect part of the higher education technology equation, Washington, DC based Interfolio addresses the totality of the issue by creating committee and workflow management tools that engage faculty in their most critical decisions. Interfolio equips institutions with tools and resources that facilitate clarity and transparency around the information necessary to make academic decisions at the heart of college and university missions.

For software to fly high in this landscape, it must be adopted by users who aren’t necessarily receptive to technology

By creating efficiencies that streamline the administrative processes around faculty service, Interfolio allows institutions to free up non-productive faculty time so they can spend more time on mission-oriented activities: teaching, advising, researching, and publishing. Interfolio’s ByCommittee gives faculty and administrators a way to organize their committee work online in a single easy to use platform. CEO, Andrew H. Rosen upholds that, “ByCommittee is a secured system to streamline the logistics of the committee allowing more time for informed and strategic decisions regarding recruitment, tenure, and promotion of the faculty.”
ByCommittee provides a platform to share documents, review criteria and evaluate decisions anytime and anyplace with an Internet connection. ByCommittee Faculty Search allows institutions to post opportunities, collect applicant documents, and rate and discuss candidates online. The Promotion and Tenure module prioritizes the potential candidates in the same manner, creating efficiencies in faculty service by simplifying the complicated multi-committee workflow. This SaaS platform allows committees across institutions to maintain the quality of collaboration by keeping them better informed and prepared. “ByCommittee brings more transparency into the talent, diversity, and accomplishments of a faculty’s population,” says Rosen.

Interfolio had a long history of launching relevant products in the higher education industry—it’s Dossier product launched in 1999. Now, the company’s innovation lab is focusing on expanding the ByCommittee platform and developing an analytics component. Rosen, a passionate photographer himself, believes that technology is productive when it is painted with creative thought processes. He further stresses that, “for software to fly high in this landscape, it must be adopted by users who aren’t necessarily receptive to technology.” Catering to the niche market, Interfolio is currently working with institutions such as Stanford University, John Hopkins University, and University of Virginia.

In the near future, Interfolio will offer a holistic, data driven, system-of-record for universities and their faculty. With increasing demand for ByCommittee, Rosen is working with number of provosts, deans, and presidents to ensure that Interfolio adds value to decision makers along with providing unassailable user experience. Looking beyond the horizon, the company is poised to define and address the demand for “faculty information system,” similar to the “student information system.”

Interfolio, Inc.

Washington, DC

Andrew H Rosen, CEO

ByCommittee, Interfolio’s platform for academic decision support, helps faculty be more effective in their service work, while providing insight, data, and transparency to institutions.