Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd: Interactive Content Delivery around Evolving Business Trends

As the education sector continues to embrace the power and promise of digital learning and the best that technology has to offer, new and improved learning styles are constantly emerging, offering learners more interactive experiences. Moreover, eBooks are no longer static—readers are demanding eBooks which are more interactive and easier to understand. “People want books to be on the cloud for easy storage and accessibility from anywhere,” reveals Subrat Mohanty, CEO, Hurix. “View-ability on multiple platforms, multichannel publishing, and digital forms of distribution are further becoming important pillars of the publishing vertical.” Founded in October 2000, Hurix works with prominent educational publishers and aspires to be their thought partners to tackle and address the rapidly evolving educational marketplace with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

“Our product and service solutions allow clients to serve students of all ages and backgrounds. We provide effective, compelling and engaging digital content across traditional and newer mobile platforms, formats, and devices,” states Mohanty. The company’s end-to-end digital publishing platform, KITABOO allows customers to create, publish, and distribute their eBooks securely across multiple platforms, especially on the cloud. “Anyone with or without an internet connection can also access KITABOO to meet their digital conversion and distribution needs.” KITABOO further brings Social Learning and Collaborative features which allow students to share and discuss subject matter with their peers and teachers. Detailed eBook analytics allows teachers to gain a quick snapshot of student engagement ahead of time, enabling them to plan for influential group discussions and problem solving exercises. Additionally, the KITABOO Reader App enables publishers and institutions to deliver engaging content to classrooms, instructors, and students on their favorite mobile devices.

Whether it is a small, medium or a large enterprise, KITABOO offers a robust and scalable solution that allows them to quickly convert and enrich their content, protect it and get it into the hands of their employees on a device of their choice. KITABOO’s analytics and social collaboration features further enhance the value of the user communities, and provide corporates with valuable real-time insight into how their content is used and consumed by their employees.
Subrat Mohanty, Co-founder & CEO
Hurix has been serving the education and publishing industry successfully over the years and has helped its clients to efficiently leverage technology and drive change in the content industry. In an implementation highlight, Hurix’s client Gyldendal—one of the largest publishers in Norway—wanted a platform that could convert their legacy content to interactive and illustrated eBooks to enable mobile learning in schools. Gyldendal chose Hurix’s KITABOO publishing suite and multi-platform reader apps as their solution. The platform integrated with Gyldendal’s Tibet Server for ecommerce, and the new digital content was easily published onto the server. Gyldendal was able to receive out-of-the-box support for conversion of Norwegian language by the use of KITABOO Publisher and reader apps. Also, due to unique audio sync capability of KITABOO, rich interactive eBooks had a quick turnaround time.

Anyone with or without an internet connection can access KITABOO to meet their digital conversion and distribution needs

Having worked with all the major educational publishers, Hurix sets a strong vision for an exciting future ahead and plans to bring the versatility of Kitaboo’s e-reader to other verticals. Nevertheless, as more and more training companies are moving from orthodox eLearning content to interactive delivery, “given the capabilities of our product complimented with our services, the training sector offers a huge growth opportunity segment for us,” concludes Mohanty on a positive note.

Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd

New York, NY

Subrat Mohanty, Co-founder & CEO

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