Complimenting In-Classroom Education and Empowering Teams to do Great Work

CIO VendorLynda Weinman, Cofounder
Whether you're a Fortune 500 corporation, a small business, a university, a government agency, or an individual, keeping up with the changing pace of technology and staying current on your skills can be challenging. Enter, an online learning resource with more than 3,000 courses teaching business, creative and technical skills. With a subscription to, users have access to the full collection of more than 150,000 video tutorials, all taught by expert instructors. From writing a resumé and brushing up on essential management training skills to programming in Python, developing an app for the latest iOS or learning PhotoShop, offers users the ability to direct their own learning experience.

“We believe that everyone learns in their own way and at their own pace, so we created a flexible platform that, for students allows for a self-directed experience and for teachers allows a great compliment to in-classroom learning,” says Lynda Weinman, a passionate longtime educator and former university teacher who cofounded the company with her husband Bruce Heavin in 1995.

Partnering with several K-12 and higher education schools (30 percent of all colleges and universities and all of the Ivy Leagues are customers),’s flexibility, quality of courses and accessibility make it the smart choice for academic institutions looking to integrate online options into their curriculum. Georgetown University worked with to create a custom portal and specific playlists to prepare graduating students for professional life after college.
Georgetown also offered access to incoming freshman to help them acclimate to the new challenges of balancing student life, time management, study skills and more—empowering them to be successful in their first year and beyond. At UCLA, a political persuasion professor requires that all students create a political video as a part of their final project. As a prerequisite to this course, he requires that students take iMovie courses on before the class starts so they can use class time to focus on the content of their projects rather than learning the necessary technology.

As a former university teacher, I was always looking for new ways to engage my students and to give them the tools and materials they needed to excel

What’s Next For

The company recently announced a partnership with BlackBoard Learn that allows for new opportunities for blended and flipped classroom learning. Instructors can now provide their students with access to's award-winning instructional videos on the same page as other homework, project descriptions or classroom assignments. The company also looks forward to bringing the experience to learners around the globe by expanding into new markets.


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Lynda Weinman, Cofounder and Eric Robison, CEO, Frits Haberman, CTO, Elaine Kitagawa, CFO, Andrew Wait, CRO, Tanya Staples, SVP of Content and Chief of Staff.

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