Five-Star Technology Solutions: Living Up To The Company Name

CIO VendorJim Benson, CEO
Integrating technology into education curriculum, and the classroom, is no longer an option. The problem for school districts is how to cost effectively integrate and support technology in the classroom, engage students for enhanced learning, and enable educators with the technology skills they require to focus on their core competency of educating students. Five-Star Technology Solutions, headquartered in Sellersburg, IN, delivers a comprehensive portfolio of services and software solutions created specifically for K-12 education to drive continuous improvement.

“Technology Integration Services (TIS) offered by the company focus on strategic planning, data driven decision making, digital curriculum, professional development, and effective use of technology in the classroom.The ultimate goal is engaging students in the classroom, and the learning process, along with increasing metrics in the form of student test scores,” says Jim Benson, CEO of Five-Star Technology Solutions.

Five-Star Pivot is an innovative web-based software solution created to analyze critical and complex student test data across all assessments. Over the years extensive development has been put into Five-Star Pivot, based on educator feedback, to provide school districts five key modules in one comprehensive solution – longitudinal data warehousing, curriculum mapping, daily assessments, response to intervention (RTI), and a staff evaluation tool. The philosophy and recommended use of Five-Star Pivot is a school district plans their curriculum, assesses progress throughout the school year, evaluates progress based on data, and then ultimately pivots based on the results (Plan. Assess. Evaluate. Pivot!).
Five-Star Pivot has the unique ability of providing high level aggregate data reports at the school district level while also providing educators in the classroom the ability to drill down to an individual student. The software solution is designed for continuous improvement, houses all key education information in one system, and is completely web-based for secure access on any device from any location.

A Race to the Top school district in the U.S. recently selected Five-Star Pivot as their instructional improvement system instead of building their own solution. The school district partnered with Five-Star Technology Solutions to set a project timetable for additional features desired in the system and the company provided all additional features on time at no additional cost. By partnering with Five-Star Technology Solutions, the school district was able to roll out the system to all educators 18 months ahead of schedule and saved significant upfront and recurring development costs required to maintain a complex software platform. The results have been overwhelmingly positive with benefits being immediately realized in the classroom.

“Working with Five-Star Technology Solutions provides us with dedicated professional partners that truly understand the expectations and challenges of today’s schools. Five-Star Technology Solutions works with us to provide quality resources, leadership, and professional development opportunities for all our Indiana school districts,” says Candice Dodson, Director of eLearning, Indiana Department of Education. Five-Star Technology Solutions will remain committed to K-12 education, assisting educators in the classroom, and helping students reach their full potential. Strategic partnerships with similar companies and education organizations across the U.S. are currently assisting in continued growth. The success of the company has been dictated by their passionate customer base and they stand willing to bring any additional concepts to life for the benefit of the education community.

Five-Star Technology Solutions

Sellersburg, IN

Jim Benson, CEO

Five-Star Technology Solutions helps schoolsreduce costs, and achieve measurable results, with a proven portfolio of technology services and software solutions created specifically for K-12 education