Adding Custom Scales to AutoCAD Mechanical's Scale List

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Adding Custom Scales to AutoCAD Mechanical

Are you currently using AutoCAD Mechanical and facing challenges in adding custom scales to it's scale list ? Here is how you can solve this challenges with AutoCAD Mechanical.

AutoCAD Mechanical uses a drawing variable, AMSYMSCALE, to hold the current scale factor for Power Dimensions, symbols and some other objects. This isn't the same as AutoCAD's Annotative objects and their scales.  Auto CAD's Annotative scaling should not be used with Auto CAD Mechanical beacuse Annotative objects and Mechanical's symbol scaling are not compatible as they were introduced in R2008 and R2000 simultaneously.

This descriptive whitepaper describes about the annotative object used in AUTOCAD mechanical..

This Whitepaper on  AutoCAD Mechanical covers:

  • What is AMSYSCALE in AutoCAD mechanical?

  • How is it helping AutoCAD mechanical users?

  • Step by step instructions on how custom symbol scales can easily be added to AutoCAD Mechanical’s symbol list?


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